Matisse Dots

The Colors of Spring

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Black & White

Classic and timeless

Soft Pillows made with felt - Pillow Decor
Fashionable Felts

The Boketto Collection

Silk PIllows - Pillow Decor
Sankara Silks

The vibrant beauty of pure dupioni silk.

Cozy Widewale Corduroy Pillows from Pillow Decor

Cozy Colors

Get comfortable with plush widewale corduroy pillows

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Lively Linen Pillows from Pillow Decor

Lively Linens

Crisp, cool, contemporary linen throw pillows

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Bohemian Pillows from Pillow Decor

Boho Throw Pillows

At home with Boho

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Feather-Down and Polyfill Pillow Inserts from Pillow Decor

Pillow Inserts

The right stuff

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Floral Pillows from Pillow Decor

Floral Throw Pillows

Fun with ‘florillows’

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Outdoor Pillows from Pillow Decor

Outdoor Pillows

Here comes the sun

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Mongolian Sheepskin Pillows from Pillow Decor

Mongolian Pillows

The wonders of wool

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Nautical Pillows from Pillow Decor

Nautical Pillows

Maritime inspired pillow designs

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