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Where are Pillow Decor's products made?

By law, the "Made In" label on most fabric products must refer to the country of origin of the fabric not where the product was sewn or finished. Unfortunately, not everyone abides by this labeling law and as a result there are scores of retailers selling products that are mis-labeled "Made in USA". Sure, the final products may have been finished or sewn in the USA or elsewhere, but the fabrics most likely were not made in the USA.

It is a fact that not that many fabrics are actually made in the USA anymore. On a global scale, not much is left of the US textile industry. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it is an important point to keep in mind when you are shopping for textile products. Although some countries still retain their historical strengths in the manufacturing of certain textiles, (Belgium for Velvets, France for Tapestry, Thailand and India for Silks etc.), the great majority of fabrics sold in the USA now come from China, India and other International manufacturers.

Pillow Decor buys its fabrics directly from mills in countries all over the world including Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Thailand, India, China, Canada and when possible the USA (as well as many other countries). We take great pride in selecting our fabric manufacturers and in sourcing fabrics that we believe will offer high value to our customers. We look for textiles that are high quality, unique, beautiful, responsibly made, and that are as varied as our customers personal styles and tastes. This is really what we mean when we say that Pillow Decor brings to you a World of Pillows and Cushions.

All our products carry the "Made In" label according to the country of origin of the fabric. If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us at

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