About Pillow Inserts

Pillow Decor carries both polyfill and feather-down pillow inserts. Also commonly referred to as pillow forms, or pillow stuffing, all these terms refer to the filling that goes inside your pillow covers. Almost all our pillow covers are made with zipper closures. We recommend always buying pillows that allow you to remove the pillow inserts. This not only enables you to wash or dry clean your pillow covers separately, but it also allows you to replace or reuse your pillow inserts or covers when they become old and worn out. 

If you are browsing our site you will notice that with every pillow cover we sell, you have an option of buying the cover only, the cover with a polyfill insert, or the cover with a feather-down insert. By default, our product pages will display the price of a complete pillow with a polyfill insert. Select the 'Cover Only' option and you will see a price reduction. Select the 'Feather/Down' option and you will see a price increase. For more information on pillow covers or covers with inserts visit, Buying Decorative Pillow Covers. For more information on some of the differences between feather, feather-down, and polyfill inserts, visit our article: Choosing between Feather/Down and Polyfill Pillow Inserts.

Of course you can also buy our inserts separately by going directly to our Pillow Insert category page or using the links below. If you have any questions about which type of insert or insert size is best for your needs please email us or give us a call!

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