What Your Favorite Colors Say about Your Personality

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2021 May 26th

What Your Favorite Colors Say about Your Personality

What Your Home Says about You!

Whether it's a t-shirt, car, or pillow, we all have color preferences. But did you know the colors you choose say a lot about who you are? Your favorite color is usually related to your personality. Read on to learn more about what your home's design colors and themes say about you.

Interesting Color Facts

Before getting started, let's take a look at some  interesting facts about colors. Did you know:

- Humans see in three primary colors. They are red, yellow, and blue.

- Zip Lock bags used to manufacture their seal in yellow and blue, so the user would know it was sealed when it turned green (the combination of the two colors).

- Men and women actually see the color red quite differently. That's because the gene that allows us to see and interpret red is found in the X chromosome (of which females have two and males possess only one).

Primary Colors

What does your  favorite color say about you?

White: White is the symbol for innocence, purity, and childhood. As an adult, your preference for the color white could signal a desire to recapture innocence and youth. It could also symbolize a yearning for a simpler life.

Black: This is a classy, dignified color. This usually signals a desire for suppression and mystery. You likely have inner longings that most people don't know about.

Red: This color is directly related to passion, strength, healing, and vitality. This likely means you have an ambitious nature and are very optimistic. If you tend to be quiet and have a preference for red, it may signal a desire for warmth and strength.

Yellow: This is the color of happiness and imagination. People with a preference for yellow are usually adventurous, intellectual, and easy going.

Blue: If you have an affinity for the color blue, you are likely soft, compassionate, and caring. It signals introspection and self-control. People who like blue are typically worriers and can sometimes be too cautious.

Purple: The color purple indicates a unique, witty personality. You are probably artistic and sometimes misunderstood.

At Pillow Decor, we understand everyone has different tastes and styles. To learn more about the language of color read this more in depth article from Pillow Decor, or browse our vast selection of pillows and express your personality through color!