Vintage Decor on a Budget

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2015 Jan 11th

Vintage Decor on a Budget

Vintage decor and antique-inspired style doesn't have to be costly. There are a number of smart ways to incorporate this kind of decor into your home while keeping money in your wallet. Let's consider some of the best ways to add retro and antique iconography into the interior of your home.

Know Where to Look for Your Vintage Decor Finds

While visiting vintage and antique stores is certainly a delightful adventure, interesting and unique vintage decor isn't exclusive to these locations. Surprisingly, many current retailers offer items with vintage appearances or iconography -and your guests won't be able to tell the difference. If you really want to incorporate vintage or antique authenticity into your home, you'll have to hit local (or regional) flea markets, rummage sales, and other buying opportunities. For the collector of vintage items, these venues are treasure troves.

While some finds may seem worn out or useless, there are ways to repurpose them or turn them into new works of art. One word of advice, however: don't go overboard collecting junk if you don't have a plan for what to do with it!

Vintage Style without the Hunt

If the prospect of waiting until yard sale season is already wearing you out, it's time to consider investing in alternative ways to incorporate vintage iconography into the home. Throw pillows offer a unique, thoughtful means of showing off your penchant for vintage style. Consider, for example, a stylized pop art image of original early 20th century seltzer bottles. Blending a trendy art style with old-school antique charm is a great way to start.


Similarly, consider incorporating vintage bus scrolls into your home interior. Originally designed for the sole purpose of showing destinations in subways, buses and trams in the 1950s, bus scroll posters and canvases are great decorative accent items suitable for a variety of spaces. The vintage bus scrolls are even available as stylish graphic throw pillows.



MOV English Bay Bus Scroll