Velvet Pillows Star Big

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2021 Dec 14th

Velvet Pillows Star Big

You know that velvet is in when  Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift, Prince William, and Peter Hoffmann all start showing up in head-to-toe velvet. The question is, was velvet ever really out! 

Ever since the first silk velvets emerged from the region of Baghdad sometime around 750 A.D., velvets have been part of our wardrobes, accessories and home décor. Fortunately, with velvets now being made of more accessible materials such as cotton and synthetics, you no longer have to be royalty or a Hollywood Star to wear or decorate with velvet fabrics.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Velvet  Taylor Swift in Velvet  Prince William in Velvet  Peter Hoffmann in Velvet

If you believe in the power of Airbnb and Tiktok to predict trends in home decorating, then be prepared to see velvets showing up in more and more homes in the coming year. From velvet upholstered furniture to velvet pillows, cushions and curtains, a velvet décor revival seems to be accompanying a minimalist to maximalist design shift.

If a complete velvet living room set seems like too much of a commitment, you don’t have to wait for this trend to be in full swing to indulge in a few velvety soft throw pillows. In fact, the beauty of pillows is that they are a simple home accent that can be trendless, transitional or full-on trending. Combine the simplicity of pillows with the timelessness of velvet and you won’t go wrong even long after Taylor Swift and Peter Hoffmann have hung-up their velvet suits. 

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