Pillow Decor and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Whip New Throw Pillows into Shape

Posted by Los Angeles, CA on 2015 Sep 24th

Pillow Decor and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Whip New Throw Pillows into Shape

Pillow Decor Ltd. announced today that it has partnered with Los Angeles celebrity fitness trainer, Tracy Effinger, to launch the Tracy Effinger Pillow Collection.

It might seem like an unusual career move, but when actress and celebrity fitness trainer, Tracy Effinger, approached Pillow Decor for help in establishing herself as a textile designer, it made perfect sense. It turns out that Effinger is as accomplished a painter and graphic artist as she is an elite fitness trainer. Pillow Decor is now working with Effinger to translate her vibrant coastal inspired paintings and designs into a bold new line of decorative throw pillows.

“Tracy came to us with some very well-conceived designs based on her artwork, and a clear vision for what she wanted to accomplish,” said Jonathan Forgacs, co-owner at Pillow Decor. “Tracy’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and it really comes through in her designs. We have worked together to create an initial line of nautical throw pillows that are cheerful and vibrant. They are really an expression of who Tracy is as a person, and this is often the hallmark of many top designers.”

Pillow Decor collaborates directly with artists interested in reproducing their work on throw pillows. From reviewing potential designs and sourcing suitable fabrics, to manufacturing and marketing, Pillow Decor helps artists create and sell their own unique pillow collections. “The support I have received from Pillow Decor has been tremendous and I have learnt so much through the process,” said Effinger. “The time we spent exploring different fabrics, pillow sizes, and colorways has really paid off and I am absolutely delighted with the results.”

About Tracy Effinger

Best known for her work as a celebrity fitness trainer, Tracy Effinger is also an actress and artist. Her art has been shown at the KREISS show rooms, BGH Gallery, The Eyebeam Atelier, and Muriel Borris Gallery. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and a graduate from Princeton University, Tracy Effinger currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she draws her artistic inspiration from the natural beauty of the sea and coastal regions. Tracy’s textile designs are based on her original large-scale paintings with variations designed specifically for decorative pillows.

About Pillow Decor Ltd.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Pillow Decor is a specialty retailer and wholesaler of decorative pillows. Pillow Decor’s website, www.pillowdecor.com, offers consumers a selection of over 1000 quality decorative pillows in a wide range of colors, styles and designs. Pillow Decor’s wholesale division supplies decorative pillows to the retail, hospitality, promotional and special event markets. Pillow Decor custom manufactures and sources products from all over the world and is committed to offering the broadest possible selection of quality products at competitive prices. Pillow Decor’s retail and wholesale showroom is located at #101-196 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y1E9, Canada.

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