Neutral Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2014 Nov 5th

Neutral Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Neutral color schemes are a growing trend in many households. Although neutral furnishings may seem boring, believe it or not, that is a thing of the past. Let's talk a little bit about how to decorate with neutral tones without leaving your space feeling drab.

Interesting Shapes

When the color palette of a room is comprised entirely of neutrals, then the shapes of your room decorations and furniture pieces are far more noticeable than ever before. Consider, for instance, spicing up a room with an interestingly shaped mirror or an elegant coffee table.

Warm and Comforting Textures

You don't have to feel every item in the room to know that including texture adds an overall feeling of comfort and warmth. Woven items or rough wall textures like brick definitely change the feel of the room. Texture can mean smooth or soft, too -like leather or suede furniture pieces.

Mongolian Sheepskin Neutral Pillow
Mongolian Sheepskin Pillows
are great for incorporating natural
materials and soft textures that
add interest to a room.
Secret Garden Neutral Accent Pillow
Adding heavy textured pillows
like this earthy handmade White
Summer Blossom Pillow adds
warmth to a living space.

Layers and Colors

One important thing to note about decorating with neutral tones is to do away with tan. Neutrals don't necessarily mean an entirely beige room -and, in fact, that can make a space feel dull and flat. Crisp black and white or rich, chocolate browns are also neutrals that can give a room a sense of energy or relaxation, depending on how you structure them. Consider, too, how light comes into play. Light creates more layers and shapes in a room depending upon how it is distributed, so use multiple lamps or lighting fixtures and see where you end up.

black and white neutrals

Neutral Throw Pillows

Organic and natural shapes can do wonders to add texture to a room, and what simpler way to incorporate these shapes than with a throw pillow? Plant and animal themed pillows fit into the neutral space of a room without overwhelming it with color and add a touch of nature in a room.

Neutral Thistle Flower Pillow
The rich detail of this
French tapestry Thistle Flower Pillow
adds texture to a neutral interior.
Neutral Garlic Flower Pillow
The pale blue garlic flower,
with its sculptural shape, offers a
delicate touch to a neutral space.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Neutral Pillow
The dog lovers looking to create
a neutral home decor will appreciate
this Leonardo da Vinci sketch
style dog pillow.
Exotic Cat Neutral Pillow
Created in the style of a
Leonardo da Vinci sketch,
this pillow is a great accent
for a cat lover's neutral home.