Five Ways to Decorate Your Home with Color Blocking

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2013 Sep 26th

Five Ways to Decorate Your Home with Color Blocking

Want easy, modern style at home? Try the '60s inspired color blocking design trend that is as groovy in fashion as it is for home decor. It's an easy way to give your home a modern, sophisticated look.

What is color blocking?

As popular on the runway as it is on retail store racks, color blocking is a trend that makes a bold statement. Fearless fashionistas have adapted the trend for hair, make-up and even manicures. Men's fashions sport color blocking elements, too. It's also used in modern architecture. But no matter where you see it, the bottom line is this: To do it well, you have to commit 100%. When it comes to color blocking, go bold or go home.

Color blocking was the product of minimalist artists during the 1960s Pop Art era. In art, it is the representation of bright colors in solid, repeated blocks. In home decor, it's layering different single-colored items over one another.

Five ways color blocking your home

Paint the walls.

You can use your walls as your backdrop for color blocking if you paint them crisp white. Or make your walls part of your blocking by painting just three of your walls white and adding a great hue on your fourth wall.


Accessories are a simple and not-too-committal way to add bold colors. Try a solid-color throw or rug, and mix it up with throw pillows in different solid shades. Or put together a selection of solid-colored vases, books, and knick-knacks on white shelves.

Color Blocking with Throw Pillows
Accessorize with Throw Pillows:
Caravan Cotton Throw Pillows for Color Blocking
Caravan Cotton Throw Pillows from Pillow Decor

One of the great things about color blocking is that you can easily recreate the look on a canvas without being any great artist. Buy a white canvas from your local art supply store, use painter's tape to create your blocking design and roll on the hues of your choice. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape, and you've got an original to hang on your wall. Or you can bypass the taping altogether, and paint several smaller canvases, each in a different solid color. Hang them in a lined-up row or group to instantly add a modern flair to any room.


Color blocking via your furniture is a more expensive way to get the look, but the results can be breathtaking. We love how inviting this space looks:

Color Blocking with Furniture
Color Blocking with Furniture
Source: Houzz,
Look up and down

Add color to your ceiling with a great single-colored shade for your dining room light fixture. If you're feeling adventurous and you have a floor that can be painted, think about changing the shade beneath your feet.

Hot Pink Kitchen
Color Blocked Kitchen
Source The Kitchen,

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