Five Tips for Decorating an Open Floor Plan

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2020 Sep 23rd

Five Tips for Decorating an Open Floor Plan

If you have designed an open floor plan for the first time, you are probably running across obstacles you didn’t know existed. While spacious layouts are beautiful and welcoming, how are you supposed to decorate them? There is so much space, and things just don’t seem to fit anywhere in particular. What do you do? Here are five tips for decorating your open floor plan.

Define Spaces

You can still make a room where one doesn’t exist by taking advantage of proper furniture placement and design. Try using couches, tables, and plants to set individual areas apart from the rest of the room. You’ll be surprised at how many rooms you can create from one with proper planning..

Rug Placement

One of the best room dividers you can buy is an area rug. While you may not have a wall dividing a room, a change in floor texture is the next best thing. It provides just enough of a visual change to allow the mind to narrow its focus, while still being consciously aware of the open floor plan.

Coordinating Colors

There is a delicate balance to be had when choosing a color scheme for an open floor plan. It is usually best to paint all shared walls the same neutral color, while using touches of color to make each area stand out as unique.


Light is another one of those properties that can really help divide an open floor plan. There are many different options available when shopping for fixtures; you can find something quite unique. One example is to use pendant lighting in the kitchen, overhead lighting in the living room, and table lamps in the nook.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are another tip for separating open spaces. Use the same fabric pattern on all window treatments in an area, but change up the style of the treatment in each individual space.

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