Daring Bold Prints for a Dynamic Décor

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2016 Sep 9th

Daring Bold Prints for a Dynamic Décor

The fashion world is buzzing over bright and bold prints this year. Mixing patterns is the new "matching", and people are running with it. Hollywood heavy-hitters have been spotted in paint splatters, stripes, daring abstract designs, eye-catching geometrics and bold tropical plants and animals prints in vibrant colors. This trend extends into the decor sphere as a natural extension. Now is the time to embrace your adventurous side and dive into the bold world of prints! Let's take a look at some of the most popular fashion trends and their corresponding decor options.

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Big Plaids

Faded plaids are back in. Evoking a sense of the 90s but in a more sophisticated iteration, these bold prints are all over the runway. It is being featured in both tailored and relaxed silhouettes. It looks both comfortable and mature. This is now making an entrance in home decor as well. It brings a classic and vibrant feeling to any room.

Leopard Bold Prints

Nothing says "bold statement piece" like leopard print. These realistic looking animal prints are here in a big way. Embrace your wild side, and don't be shy. There are so many options for incorporating this dynamic into your household design. If full animal bold prints is too much for you, try something a little subtler. A favorite is the Tawny Lynx Throw Pillow. This incorporates a certain audaciousness with a country-inspired comfort.

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Big Bold Dots

Dots are taking - and not just delicate polka dots, but big and bold dot patterns as well. Mixing and matching colors is perfectly acceptable (and embraced) with these prints. Try incorporating a combination of sizes in the same color palette. Alternatively, combine various colors in the same general dot size. If you're feeling extra adventurous, do both! You can do no wrong with your dots this year!

Tuscany Linen Orange Circles Throw Pillow 22x22    Tuscany Linen Orange Circles Throw Pillow 22x22

Broad Stipes

The fashion world is immersed in bright, colorful, large stripes. This is a fun way to incorporate splashes of color into your wardrobe. Likewise, it is a fantastic way to brighten up your space this season. If you have a room in a need of an accent, these patterns are excellent to work with. Traditional horizontal and vertical stripes are a good base. Try being a bit more daring, though. With so many variations on the classic stripe look available, go for something new!

Be Daring with Bold Prints

Don't be shy when it comes to decorating. Bold, bright, beautiful prints are in. Let yourself explore some fresh and exciting looks for your space. While you're at it, maybe try some on yourself. Carpe pattern!

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