2014 Decorating Trends

Posted by Pillow Decor on 2013 Dec 1st

2014 Decorating Trends

The New Year is right around the corner and with it comes a lot of excitement about the new 2014 Decorating Trends. At Pillow Decor we have always maintained that for the vast majority of people, personal style will always trump the latest styles. We believe that that you should be true to yourself, and that you should not let the consumer machine bully you into making changes that just aren't right for you. Remember our last blog about finding your personal decorating style?

However, there are plenty of times when a new decorating trend might really resonate with you. Perhaps its a new twist on something old and familiar, or a whole new aesthetic that cries out to you, telling you that it is time to shed your old skin and reinvent yourself. Or maybe you are at a new stage in your life, building a new home, renovating, or downsizing.

Whatever your reasons, it is always fun to look ahead at the trends that are coming down the road. So here is a list of the prime 2014 decorating trends as predicted by some of the the leading home decorating authorities. It will be interesting to see how they take shape over the coming months.

Five 2014 Decorating Trends

Art Is In

Whether the piece is traditional or abstract, 2014 is the year of art—and the bigger the better. Many homes will make art a focal point of the room. Want to incorporate this art trend throughout your home? Look for pillows that are inspired by an art piece you love.

See You Later Plain Jane!

Luxurious velvets and silks will replace plain fabrics in 2014. By incorporating a silky bedspread or velvet pillows into your home's decor, it will create an elegant flare throughout your living space.


Many furniture companies are releasing new collections that are embodying organic forms and pure lines. This trend promotes comfort with functionality, so look for simple accessories with a modernistic feel. The Waverly Groovy Grille Licorice throw pairs nicely with ergonomic furniture.

It's All About the Fur

Furs and skins are making their way back into homes, which creates a cozy and inviting look. Are you ready to embrace this craze? Look for pillows made of sheepskins or other animal-inspired furs.

Gold Rush

Many designers are incorporating gold accents into their lines. You will see tablemats, cushions, pillows, and other accessories adorned with this lavish color. Try a metallic gold pillow on your couch for some added elegance, like the Gold With Brown Baroque Pattern throw.