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Fabrice de Villeneuve

If Fabrice could take you on a walk through his childhood days you would be in France, in the magical region of Normandy. The house he grew up in was surrounded by a lush garden of flowers and vegetables. He was in part raised by the sea and the flora surrounding it. His affinity with the splendid surroundings would characterize who he was to become in life.

A self taught artist, Fabrice can never remember a time when he wasn’t painting. His first career did not revolve around his talent as a fine artist but focused on his design talents and knowledge of antiques. During that period, he became an antique dealer and filled his life with whatever objects, paintings or pieces of furniture which captivated his sense of beauty. When he made a commitment to dedicate himself to painting full time it was again the richness and peacefulness that had enamored him as a child that he tried to recreate in his work. He had a strong desire to share this with others.

Fabrice’s paintings range in a wide variety of styles from charming street scenes of France, the architecture of Venice, whimsical fruit still life to the most delicate florals. He uses a very vivid palette as well as a soft pastel range of color in his work. Whatever the subject matter Fabrice creates a feeling of warmth, romance and charm that delights the viewer.
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