Color Blocking

Color Block Your Home: Tried and True


Color blocking is great for giving your home extra vibrancy and if you hadn’t already noticed, it’s big news in the interiors world. The term color blocking refers to a technique that involves using solid blocks of contrasting color in a room’s fabrics, paints and upholstery.

You can't help but feel happy surrounded by so much color! So how is this trend translating into interiors? Well it may be for the brave at heart, but color-saturated spaces look lively and lovely! Happy colors should be everywhere. Especially your home.

Studies show that color in your home can bring balance, energy and prosperity.

Tips for Using Color Blocking in Your Home Décor

by Hickory Furniture Mart

Color blocking is the art of combining solid colors together in a random or geometric pattern to create interest in clothing, interior design and home accessories. It can be bold and modern or subtle — the choice is yours. Check out these color blocking ideas for inspiration:

  1. Rugs: If you want to add color to your bare floors consider a color blocked rug. Unlike a Persian or other patterned rug, these can be customized to your exact specifications. You can decide which colors to use and how large the “blocks” will be. For a contemporary space, use bold primary colors separated with graphic strips of black. For a traditional space, consider using several shades of one color or combine earth tones for a warm and inviting palette.
  2. Bedding: It can be difficult to find bedding that satisfies both men and women, but color blocking makes it possible to introduce some color and pattern into the bedroom without being too “girlie” for him or too masculine for her.
  3. Upholstery: If you enjoy a bright, bold color scheme in your home, you may want to consider upholstering a chair in a color blocking pattern. Choose one color for the back, a different color for the seat, a third color for the arms and sides etc. This idea can also be used in a playroom or a young adult space where unusual color combinations are always welcome.
  4. Accessories: An all neutral space can be livened up with color blocking details. Accent pillows, throws, picture frames, vases, book covers and small trays can be found in color blocked patterns and are a simple and inexpensive way to add a pop of color and graphic pattern to your rooms.
  5. Artwork: To achieve the color blocked effect with your artwork, you can frame abstract art or you can choose solid color mats placed in identical frames and hung on the same wall. This works really well if you are looking to frame your children’s artwork, a collection of small prints etc.

Color blocking is an easy way to introduce color into your space without having to worry about pattern. While many people think it is meant for modern homes, it can be used in a traditional, transitional or eclectic setting successfully. Try it . . . we think you’ll like it.