Choosing between Feather/Down and Polyfill Pillow Inserts
Choosing a decorative pillow insert is a matter of preference.

Feather/Down or Polfill Pillow Inserts

As in any decorating decision, choosing a decorative pillow insert is a matter of preference.

Feather InsertFeather pillow inserts feel luxurious when you sink into their softness. When you are curled up on your sofa to watch a good movie, pillows with feather inserts conform to your shape. The more sleek feather pillow inserts work well on smaller scale chairs or diminutive loveseats. Designers usually prefer feather pillow inserts, some giving them a gentle “karate chop” in the middle. Some customers exclaim, “I don’t have time to plump up pillows!” and prefer polyfill pillow inserts. However, decorative throw pillows with feather inserts stay in place better. For that reason, those with slippery leather or vinyl furniture prefer feather inserts.

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Polyfill InsertOn a deep sofa, polyfill throw pillow inserts offer more back support than their feather counterparts. Polyfill throw pillow inserts are the more economical choice. Polyfill pillow inserts retain their shape and require less maintenance. For those with allergies to feathers, polyfill pillow inserts are the clear choice.

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If you are still undecided, why not use both? Try a larger decorative throw pillow with a polyfill insert. Layered in front of it, use a smaller throw pillow with a feather pillow insert. You will have the support of the polyfill cushion behind, with the luxury of a feather pillow insert in front, for the best of both worlds!