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Feather and Feather Down Pillow Inserts and Pillow Forms

Feather inserts are preferred by interior designers and decorators for several reasons. Feather inserts give pillows a soft, luxurious feeling as you sink into them and they conform to your shape. With a gentle 'karate chop', your pillows can also have the popular "cat's ears" shape as seen in so many home decor magazines. This look can not be achieved with a polyfill insert. Feather inserts are more pliable and help a pillow sit upright more easily than a pillow with a polyfill insert.

Feather and feather down inserts are ideal for luxurious fabrics like silk, giving the pillow a sleek, designer look. If you prefer a firmer pillow, you may use a feather insert 1" to 2" larger than the pillow cover, depending on the size of the pillow. For instance, a 17" x 17" pillow cover works well with an 18" x 18" feather insert.

To measure a pillow cover, lay the empty pillow cover on a flat surface, pull the side seam taut against a tape measure.

Feather pillows will compress when you sit back against them, and should be fluffed gently and frequently to maintain fullness.

Some people prefer to combine insert types: if your sofa has a deep seat and you are in need of firm back support, place larger polyfill inserts at the back, layering smaller pillows in front with feather inserts for a luxurious feel.

If you are buying one of our pillow covers, we have already preselected what we believe to be the best fitting insert options for each cover. These appear in the 'Insert Options' dropdown menu on the pillow cover product details pages.

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Pillow Decor's feather and feather/down inserts are made from 100% feather or 95% feather/5% down with a 100% cotton shell.